We are in the final days of the campaign leading up to the Election on November 6 and we are full steam ahead; talking to people, being present in the community and attending candidate nights all over Montgomery County, listening to the concerns of our community. We’ve been to the Lohrey Center in the Belmont neighborhood, visited with the Patterson Park Civic Association and more recently attended the candidate night presented by the Jewish Federation, the League of Women Voters and the Washington Township- Centerville Library, and moderated by Judge Walter Rice. And this is just a few of the places we’ve been! We’ve had the opportunity to speak to Unions and business leaders and neighbors who share the deep concerns about our community, but are hopeful for the future. I recently had the opportunity to attend a dinner honoring Judge Langer and his contribution to the bench for nearly 24 years. As many of you know, it is his seat for which I am running due to his upcoming retirement. I have immense respect for Judge Langer, his mastery of the law and his judicial temperament and I hope to continue in his footsteps when elected. This has been an amazing journey so far, but we aren’t finished yet! Please continue to support the campaign by talking to your friends and neighbors, sharing on social media and reminding everyone to get out and VOTE on November 6!